Why do guys have low testosterone

I don’t agree with the person who said a woman has been played by a guy if he disappears after sex. It’s all perspective: if a woman feels like she’s been played then she probably has confidence issues, a confident woman would say to herself, “eh, he wasn’t all that so whatever. I just wanted to fuck anyway”, and goes on with her life without even thinking about the guy ever again, then I’d say she’s a boss. A woman just like a man has the right to fuck whoever she wants, when she wants. If he disappears, so fucking what. You got yours too.

(no offense) but saying hitler was one of the good guys and he was a man of god shows that you are completely against the jews and further more if the the death chambers were actually experiment labs and the jews were being protected then shouldnt have hitler stooped killing the jews seeing so many were dead ? if you dont mind me saying a few facts in history can never be changed even if u try your level best it will only end up with you being harrassed and embarrased. but if u think of it in that way hitler had been a good dictator if the jew killing part never occurred and had been able to drag germany from substantial status to its former grandeur. and a note of advise :

What I dislike about the article is that it really does not give any insight on how we can actually show the man that we were hurt and neglected. Would men like it if we had a come-and-go attitude? Is it too much to ask to think about the other person before disappearing? I don’t get it why we should be so bothered to not show our feelings, I doubt that a man would be more committed and less neglectful if after days he disappeared we would be like “oh I’m do glad I’m hearing back from you” as if everything is just fine. How convenient. It might give him the impression you had no problem with the whole thing while, while you did. Now let me ask you something personal since you are a dude, what about a man that does not text for 10 days while you had established daily or every two days fb messenger communication – while he gets online everyday and has liked another girl’s photo in the meantime. No, the girl was not a friend. I got really pissed off that he never talked to me for so long especially because of that and I told him. I disconnected and I do regret the whole situation. Just so you have the background, he was a guy I was seeing last year, we were together for about 3 months and when he sensed it was time to be official he just bailed out due to his personal problems-and indeed he was not at his best. He also quickly became distant and I blocked him with no explanation (I don’t take it that he would appear and disappear to taste) and then when I was calmer I unblocked him (did not reconnect though) and I explained myself. After another half year he texted me that he felt e distant too and reconnected with me and we had a daily communication pattern but we had not talked on where we stand which also bothered me.

Why do guys have low testosterone

why do guys have low testosterone


why do guys have low testosteronewhy do guys have low testosteronewhy do guys have low testosteronewhy do guys have low testosteronewhy do guys have low testosterone