Testerone patches

​yes low testerone will deffinalty trigger anxiety, low testerone will make you feel ill if left too long, sertralince and other drugs can reduce testosterone levels hence why it is a good idea to have them checked often, testosterone is basically what makes a man but also keeps body and bones in order, it does get more complecated but im giving you a general idea, you can have replacements which can be via injection or cream , patches and a few others, once you have your testosterone in check you also need to have estrogen levels checked as your spare tostesterone can be converted into estrogen and high estrogen will also make you feel very ill causing anxiety, hope that helps

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I know this is an old post, but the bit about estrogen affecting fat distribution is very interesting to me. I’ve always stored fat in my middle, even as an otherwise-skinny tween. I’m very happy with my weight otherwise, but the disproportionate belly-bulge worries me health-wise (and vanity-wise, of course). I’ve always assumed this was either an annoying personal quirk or stress-related, but I never thought about it being a hormonal issue. Maybe I should get a hormone panel done. Have you found a good silver-bullet way to increase/balance estrogen, or is it just as incredibly complex as everything else in the human body? Let me guess… 😉

Testerone patches

testerone patches


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