Synthesize testosterone

With synthetic versions of testosterone now being widely available, it wasn’t long before athletes started using it to enhance their performance. The Soviet Union was the first to experiment with this and throughout the 1950’s they dominated most of the Olympic events. It wasn’t long after when an American doctor named John Ziegler and his team discovered that the Soviet athletes had been using synthetic forms of testosterone to increase their strength and performance. This lead to Ziegler and his team developing a new anabolic steroid that would be more effective than testosterone at increasing their athletes performance. This steroid was methandrostenolone (dianabol) and very quickly became the most used steroid by athletes and bodybuilders.

This pure saponin occurs naturally in the body and increases anabolic, or tissue-building and rejuvenating, activity without any androgenic characteristics. It also guards against catabolic action in your internal system, which creates a breaking down, or destructive state that affects the tissues of your muscles, organs and bones. This substance helps reduce fat deposits in your body while it increases muscle size, density and strength as well as your energy levels. It is bonded with Cypionate, an 8 carbon ester that provides low to moderate degrees of supplement solubility in the blood as it moves through your circulatory system to help nourish and fuel your muscles and entire body.

Synthesize testosterone

synthesize testosterone


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