Symptoms of low testerone in women

Hi Sandi, in response to your comment about adrenal rushes in stomach and solarplexes. I’m hypothyroid and have struggled with medication for a very long time had a severe case of ‘burnt out adrenals’ with lots of that horrible adrenal stomach sensation. I took lots of adrenal supplements and nothing really helped me until my GP (in the UK) finally let me try Liothyronine T3, the already converted thyroid hormone. It’s going very slowly for me, but the adrenal rushes stopped virtually completely as soon as I was able to take a reasonable amount of T3. I’ve been following something called ‘The circadian method’. It involves taking a dose of T3 within the 4hour period just before your natural waking time in the morning. There is a book by Paul Robinson called T3 and The Circadian Method’. He pioneered the method which cured him. It works on the principal that the adrenals need T3 and the correct timing of a dose during the 4hour window before waking, feeds the adrenals.
Hope this might be of some help to you.
I’m still struggling with what I think is an impaired immune system, but that’s another matter!!
I wish you all good luck with your recovery. Lynda.

Chinese Five Phase Theory describes the TCM kidneys as part of the water element with water being the mother or engendering aspect of the wood-liver. The Five Phase Doctrine, is the second natural philosophy of TCM (after yin-yang), and sometimes referred to as the "system of correspondences." Said to originate in the 3rd century ., it is marvelous in its depiction of the relationship of the individual to all physiological and psychological processes, outer environment, food, and in fact all other natural phenomena. The Five Phase description of the engendering relationship between the TCM kidneys and the liver is represented at least partially through the metabolic use of proteins, carbohydrates and fats called gluconeogenesis.

This is a common problem with pellets. If you go looking for forums on the matter, you will see that it is rather typical for patients to have a similar response somewhere around the 4th and 5th implantation. This stems from poor oversight/management, and design flaws in the pellets themselves. Keep in mind that all pellets are made the same way. This may seem beneficial at first glance, however, what this really means is that “6 months” worth of medication dissolves in a way that sends your levels far too high in the first month, and then plummeting far too fast and low in the next 2-3.

Symptoms of low testerone in women

symptoms of low testerone in women


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