Low testosterone symtoms

as a follow up, i wanted to say one thing. please do not restrict anything in the diet when you begin the healing process, joel. don’t follow a trendy diet. don’t do any diet really. just eat. your body will need everything. micronutrients, macronrients, water, everything. i am not saying that certain diets are not good. how i think a person should eat is that they should eat real food, and beyond that, it depends much on their body type. some people can eat lots of carbs and they need that others cannot and they need more of something else. you figure that all out once you are recovered. but right now and while you are recovering, don’t follow a weight lifters diet or any other diet. your body’s requirements RIGHT NOW are very different than someone else because you are going to be healing and regenerating. don’t eat crap. that is my only thing i will say hahaha. eat real food. make sure there is food in your food. i have no idea what your eating habits are normally. i always ate very healthy, just no where near enough. i didn’t have to break any sugar habits or junk food habits, so in that regard, a big part of my battle was already won. i didn’t have to retrain my brain to not want junk. if that is an issue for you, then you will have to address that. but don’t do anything that is restricting real food because at this point, your body needs everything and a lot of it.

The leading medical causes of erectile dysfunction in the 30 million American men who are afflicted each year are heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, thyroid conditions, low testosterone, Type 2 Diabetes and obesity.  In addition to poor diet, the lack of regular exercise and poor sleeping habits play a contributing role in the number of men with these damaging health conditions.  These health conditions lead to plaque build up in the arteries, and inflammation of the heart, arteries and blood vessels,  which effects the heart’s ability to pump enough blood to the vital organs of the human body; and the  penis requires a lot of blood to fill the three sponge-like chambers called the corpus cavernosum , which fill with blood to achieve and maintain an erection.

SO, finally the question. COULD my body actually be hypothyroid, or at the very least suffering from WTS and my TSH is being skewed by those thyroid nodules making me appear to not have hypothyroidism? I tend to listen to my body and I *know* that something is just not right. I feel like I get hypothermia in a cold room and then have immense trouble heating back up, with massive shuddering chills. Even if my skin feels only cool to touch I feel freezing and have chills. I am very temperature intolerant and this did NOT use to be the case.

Low testosterone symtoms

low testosterone symtoms


low testosterone symtomslow testosterone symtomslow testosterone symtomslow testosterone symtomslow testosterone symtoms