Low testosterone no symptoms

I’m 25 and I haven’t had my menstrual cycle in about 4 months. So I went to my doctor yesterday who did some labs and the only abnormality was my testosterone level which was low at a 28. I had no idea. I’ve been experiencing extreme fatigue, difficulty with weight loss, depression and no libido. Knock on wood I don’t also get the hair loss.
My doctor didn’t really say anything about it other then giving me a pill to try for 7 days to see if I get my menstrual cycle.
Should I be worried? What should I do?
Someone mentioned protein, does that help?

Almost all of the clinical trials studying TRT have been inconclusive or have not followed patients long-term, so this treatment option is still a bit experimental in practice, and the treatment should not be administered to anyone not deemed an exceptional candidate. Because of the serious nature of TRT, patients with less severe testosterone deficiencies may look into safer, alternative treatment options. Any man currently taking TRT needs to see their doctor regularly for checkups, and should report any medical issues immediately. In addition, prostate screenings are essential. 

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Today, the average American’s diet consists mainly out of processed foods, with refined carbohydrates making up the bulk of it. Let’s me give you an example: In the morning they’ll have a bowl of cereal or toast (generally white bread), some form of grain for lunch, say, a hamburger, hotdog, or sandwich, and then for dinner it might be pasta or pizza. All these processed carbs lead to spiked insulin levels. Continually elevated insulin levels cause a disruption in the central hormone pathways, and in turn can suppress testosterone production .

Low testosterone no symptoms

low testosterone no symptoms


low testosterone no symptomslow testosterone no symptomslow testosterone no symptomslow testosterone no symptomslow testosterone no symptoms