Low t hair loss

Biotin is a very popular supplement recommended by many doctors, pharmacists, health food stores, TV shopping channels, health websites and more when it comes to hair loss but please note that in January 2016 the  Endocrine News  published this article January 2016: Thyroid Month: Beware of Biotin which stated that taking biotin supplements could cause falsely high and falsely low results in a variety of laboratory tests, including thyroid lab tests because biotin interferes with the test platform used for particular laboratory tests. If you are taking biotin and your thyroid lab results begin to change and not make sense in terms of your clinical symptoms remember this finding. I’ve discussed this article with my doctor and I discontinue my biotin several days before having my thyroid lab tests drawn to be sure there is no interference. This shows how important it is to always discuss supplements with your doctor.

Low t hair loss

low t hair loss


low t hair losslow t hair losslow t hair losslow t hair losslow t hair loss