Long term testosterone replacement therapy

Finally, this study clearly shows that different outcomes plateau at different time points. For ex. the significant improvements in blood cholesterol and triglycerides (lipids) reached a plateau after 3-4 years of TRT, while the decrease in HbA1c was progressive and statistically significant up to five years of testosterone treatment. Importantly and interestingly, the reductions in waist circumference and body weight (and percentage change in body weight) were statistically significant at the end of each year compared to the previous year over the first five years, and even at the end of the sixth year compared to fifth year. This is an unusual and remarkable finding, as obesity interventions (both drugs and lifestyle changes) commonly are most effective the first year, and thereafter progressively lose their efficacy. 57-59  As this 6-year long study demonstrates, testosterone treatment excels in this regard. Let’s hope in the near future this information will reach doctors working with patients who are sedentary, obese and suffer from cardio-metabolic complications.

My transition diary is here . I still update it, mostly just with my annual lab results now, because nothing exciting is happening. Know why nothing exciting is happening? Because you are going to be fine . :P There are people who've been on T for over 40 years. They're fine. Nobody's body is being "destroyed". Whoever fed you that bullshit did you a serious disservice. Do yourself a favor and stop letting people (including yourself) scare the shit out of you. It's not productive or healthy. You're not helping yourself by over-analyzing everything - and you are seriously over-analyzing. Being analytical is fine, but what you're doing has long since stopped being productive or good for you. All the science and studies and sources in the world are not going to magically make your fear go away. People could quote studies and stats at you forever and you'd still be terrified and you'd still want more reassurance (which I know for you means science and stats). You are going to have to take a step forward. Making decisions based on fear is the absolute best way to ensure that you have regrets later on, and continually not starting T when you know that you want to (and from all our conversations, it is abundantly clear that you want to, you're just terrified) is making a decision. It's not a neutral non-decision.

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Long term testosterone replacement therapy

long term testosterone replacement therapy


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