Healthy ways to boost testosterone

Nick Folker is the Co-Founder and Director of Elite Performance at BridgeAthletic. Nick’s roster of athletes includes 35 Olympians winning 22 Olympic Medals, 7 team NCAA Championships and over 170 individual and relay NCAA championships. Megan Fischer-Colbrie works as the Sports Science Editor at BridgeAthletic. Megan was a four-year varsity swimmer at Stanford, where she recently graduated with a degree in Human Biology. The Championship Series by BridgeAthletic is designed to empower athletes with tips from the pros that will help them reach peak performance come race day. We will be covering competition-focused topics such as nutrition, recovery, stretching, and mental preparation.

Drink herbal tea and water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Eating four cups of water-rich produce daily, such as cucumber, lettuce and watermelon can help you stay hydrated too. Getting plenty of fluids is important for everyone, but particularly for seniors, who are at increased risk of dehydration. “ Dehydration is common in seniors  due to decreased feelings of thirst, diseases and medication that increase your fluid needs, and decrease in overall food and beverage intake,” says Heather Schwartz, a Registered Dietitian working at Stanford Hospital and Clinics. Dehydration can lead to fatigue and other negative physical effects, so be sure your loved ones get the recommended amount of fluids — around two liters per day.

Healthy ways to boost testosterone

healthy ways to boost testosterone


healthy ways to boost testosteronehealthy ways to boost testosteronehealthy ways to boost testosteronehealthy ways to boost testosteronehealthy ways to boost testosterone