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There are no well controlled studies with Haldol (haloperidol) in pregnant women. There are reports, however, of cases of limb malformations observed following maternal use of Haldol along with other drugs which have suspected teratogenic potential during the first trimester of pregnancy. Causal relationships were not established in these cases. Since such experience does not exclude the possibility of fetal damage due to Haldol, this drug should be used during pregnancy or in women likely to become pregnant only if the benefit clearly justifies a potential risk to the fetus.

2011: In January, the Neurological Devices Panel meeting was held. After reviewing studies, practice guidelines, adverse events reported to the FDA, public docket submissions, the FDA’s review of published studies and more, the panel recommended staying at a Class III for schizophrenia, bipolar mania (and mixed states), schizoaffective disorder and schizophreniform disorder. The panel did not reach a consensus on classification of ECT for catatonia or depression. [52] When discussing ECT for the use of depression, however, nine panel members supported a Class III designation while only eight panel members thought it should be reclassified to Class II. [53]  Dr. Matthew Rudorfer, a psychiatrist who administers and oversees grant money for the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), including for electroshock research, told The New York Times in January that new clinical trials “might be too expensive” for the manufacturers to prove their device was safe and effective as the companies “tend to be mom-and-pop operations. [54]

Haldol dec injection sites

haldol dec injection sites


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