Equipoise low dose test

My profile will shows my general stats..Ill give you a brief cycle history which i add im not "seasoned" in AAS thus im seeking help and knowledge.
well im 5ft 9" im % body fat and weigh 75 kg im 27 years old with a knackered back now for 5 months so im not smashing the gym as id like to...that would not help with my future goals and aims its more maintainance as best i can without straining my weak lower back dont know if you have experience in my problem or not but if you have you will know its quite a hold back in everyday life.
Before even considering AAS i was super fit jogging 10 miles twice a week, football for 1 hour twice a week, lots of cycling and was going to the gym quite often doing cardio and lifting weights and liking the change my body presented with hard work and good diet it built from there and i got inspiration and direction from my brother who helped me come on leaps and bounds with his fair knowledge.
I have done a test E 10 wk course at 375mg every week with Dbol kickstart for first 3wk at 30mg and arimidex at E3 days and it worked well for me put on around 9 lbs post cycle that was end of last summer, started another course of 375mg test every week and 50 mg Anadrol ED for 3 weeks or at least thats what id put together as an intended kickstart to this cycle then BOOM back went so after 6 days on i had to stop the cycle immediatly because of pain and Doc put me on dyhydrocodeine, Diazepam for muscle spasms, diclofenac anti inflamatory and a nerve supressant called gabapentin for my sciatica.

There does not exist too much difference between the two previous steroidal cycles. The only major change is the addition of the very powerful injectable anabolic steroid Trenbolone. Trenbolone Enanthate in particular is chosen, in order to blend well with the other two anabolic steroids that possess longer half-lives as a result of the longer esters (Enanthate and Undecylenate). Trenbolone itself does not convert to Estrogen at any dose and is the strongest commercially available anabolic steroid known to man. It is also an anabolic steroid that is to be utilized by experienced anabolic steroid users only, and it is because of this that it fits very well with advanced users. Such a cycle should provide minimal Estrogenic activity and would be very suitable for cutting, lean mass addition, and even bulking cycles.

Equipoise low dose test

equipoise low dose test


equipoise low dose testequipoise low dose testequipoise low dose testequipoise low dose testequipoise low dose test