Eq haste items stack

Christmas is coming UNBANNING:
- Unbanned 68 IP bans
-unbanned 253 accounts
- removed all bans, except ban reasons for stealing
New Items, Quests
- New Xmas Auch Anti Ele weapons for all players for 1 month from - (vendor Santa in shop zones)
- New Xmas Daily quests for Bravery mark from npc Santa
Core fixes and changes:
- min. contact range fix for gameobjects (for example traps)
- max Dodge changed to max 90% dodge chance, it will solve a lot of problems in pvp and pve
- pvs scan fixed core errors in 24 functions
- Threat bugs - threat can not be negative, added prevention to core
- Fix pet action bar after reloading UI
- fix player kicking (avoid of crashes, this function is function KickPlayer is used by gm commands, anticheats and another functions)
Class changes and fixes
- Warlock Voidwalker spell Sacrifice increased damage absorb +200%
- Warlock spell Inferno - Infernal damage increased, hp increased, armor increased, disabled removing of required Infernal Stone, duration of Infernal increased from 15sec to 30sec, increased haste from 2sec to 1sec/dmg
- Hunter spell Bestial Wrath - fixed imunity vs. stun effects from spells Intercept, Hamstring and Seduction
- Hunter spell Arcane shot - damage change -5%
- Warrior spell Rend - fixed not working last rank, increased damage by lowering of dmg tick from 3sec to 1,5sec/dmg
- All class resistance - lowered resistance 10-20 down for all players (removed resistances from all shirts, delete cache for visible shirts correctly)
Battleground changes and fixes
- Alterac Valley balanced HP, damage, levels, spells and other problems of main boss guards on both sides
- Alterac Valley - repaired bad factions on 2 guards (Icewing Marshall and Prospector Stonehewer)
Dungeon changes
MC Golemagg the Incinerator - lowered all resist -100 and level -20, this boss had a lot of resist
MC Shazzrah - lowered all resist -100 and level -20, this boss had a lot of resist

Eq haste items stack

eq haste items stack


eq haste items stackeq haste items stack