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Bertus, I am new to this thread and am currently building a 6’x10′ CNC plasma table and plan on using the larger NEMA 34 steppers with the DM860A Driver (and forgive some of my terminology if I misspeak here and there). Anyhow my exact questions were particular to using the above mentioned breakout pins in particular with the DMA860A. When using the breakout pins for multiple external drivers (all using separate power supplies) is it necessary to have the DRV8825’s all installed on the board still or are they to be removed? ( as i am under the impression that they cannot be powered without a load connected to each one.) Also would you possibly have any guidance on any specifics to attaching external drivers to said breakouts? Thank you in advance, again I hope I am not to vague or incorrect in my terminology. ( still relatively new to CNC with arduino)

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Boldenone pl

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