Best ways to boost testosterone

The basic rules of what and when: 1. Clean Lean and Green as much as possible 2. Breakfast, morning tea, Lunch, afternoon tea, Dinner 3. No more dairy and fruit after early in the afternoon if possible 4. A bit of protein with each meal or definitely with lunch and dinner 5. A decent period of time between dinner and bed. Hope that helps! I too have health issues that I partially self medicate through diet etc and if what you’re doing works then that sounds good. The TIU Plan is definitely worth it in terms of the wonderful recipes and regular updates, emails etc and I love it for it’s simplicity but the rules it has etc is available else where just not with K&K’s lovely style and support. Good luck! xo

Quality sleep can be a huge factor when it comes to metabolism. When you sleep, your body rests and repairs itself. This process is especially crucial in a muscle-building phase. A  North Carolina study revealed  sleep deprivation creates increased ghrelin levels, thereby sending signals to your brain that you’re hungry. Maintain proper sleeping habits by getting to bed at the same time each night, and creating a dark, comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom. Aim for eight hours—you’ll not only feel reenergized, but it’ll also positively impact on your metabolism too. 

5. Don't forget to have fun.
For the online discounter FatWallet, based in Rockton, Ill., fun is a regular part of the schedule. Its 55 employees are invited to play in a monthly Game Day, an in-house competition with activities ranging from Trivial Pursuit to Wii bowling matches. The company also offers quarterly "fun" rewards when staffers achieve certain goals, such as hockey games, casino nights, or playdays at at amusement parks. Team-building events have included a city scavenger hunt in Chicago and a rooftop Cubs game.

Best ways to boost testosterone

best ways to boost testosterone


best ways to boost testosteronebest ways to boost testosteronebest ways to boost testosteronebest ways to boost testosteronebest ways to boost testosterone